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We offer bag pick up as well as plastic polycarts and two sizes of metal dumpsters for residential customers. These containers are designed to hold household waste.  Services are offered for weekly pickup. Please contact us for service day.  

We can not pick up large and/or heavy items. Those items must be taken to a landfill.

Trash Truck, Garbage Truck
Hand PickUp

​​Up to 10 kitchen-sized bags OR 5 - 33 gallon bags a week. Container is optional but provided by the customer. All trash MUST be bagged and secured/tied.


​We provide a 96 gallon plastic container on wheels with a lid. Holds approx 7 kitchen-sized bags. Max pickup 10 bags. All trash MUST be bagged and securied/tied.

Residential Dumpster
We provide a metal 2 or 3 yard dumpster on wheels with lids. Loose items acceptable.

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