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Payment Information

We offer several payment methods listed below.  Paying online or over the phone does not charge you fees!  However, in order to keep costs low please use your bank routing and account number.  Using a debit/credit card incurs a one time fee plus a percentage of each transaction we pay. 

Billing is processed every two months with a due date of the 1st of each even month. 

Effective June 2022 all new accounts or repeat past due accounts will be required to prepay for services.  Example: Service starts June 15th, the month of June is prorated and all of July is due before a dumpster or polycart is delivered and a route is assigned.  August and September would be due on August 1st. 

Grandfathered accounts (prior to June 2022) are billed in the middle of services.  Example: May and June is billed in May and due June 1st.  See below for auto-pay processing dates.

Email statements are now available!  Receive your statement quicker and the postcard doesn't get lost in the mail. You can opt to receive emailed statements instead of postcards online from your web account or call our office to set it up.


Your Web Account number is included on your statement

Method: credit/debit card or bank routing and account number


Over the Phone

Call or Text: 918-708-2292

Method: credit/debit card or bank routing and account number

If no answer, please leave a message with your name and address or account number for a return call. 


T&K Sanitation

PO Box 1074

Fort Gibson, OK 74434-1074

Checks are processed electronically.


Auto-pay can be set up online or over the phone with your bank routing and account number or credit/debit card.  Auto-pay is processed on the 1st of every even month - February, April, June, August, October and December.  The payment usually hits the customers account on the 2nd. 


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